Cool picture huh?  Its the rogue from Diablo 1.  I coppied the image then colored it in but all copyrights to Blizzard and the respective artist.


Actor/Actress: Pretty much I like quite a few, but I think John Cusack is really good, at least I like the movies he's in a lot in general.  Actress would have to be Jamie Lee Curtis since I really like a lot of the movies she's been in too.
Band: Credence Clearwater Revival
Movie: Sneakers, Quiggly Down Under, Better Off Dead
TV Show: Once and Again, The Drew Carrey Show, Spin City, News Radio, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel.
Sports Team: Portland Trail Blazers (Not really into sports, but I live in near Portland, but I don't like Scottie Pippin)
Food: Lobster Bisque, Fajitas, Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials
Novel: Any Robert Jordan book or Raymond E. Feist book pretty much, also like L.E. Modesitt Jr., R.A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind, and Terry Brooks.


Drag Racing, Archery, Mythology, Fantasy, D&D, Bowling, Camping, Astrology, Computers and Programming, Women, Video Games, Cars, Collectible Card Games: Magic the Gathering, Bass Guitar, did i say Women?
Music: Classic Rock/Alternative/Some of Everything Else (very little rap or country, but even some of those too ;-)


so i'm a pervert, what's it to you?

Online Stuff:

Well, I have finally gotten the Realm, by Sierra.  It is an online playable game with over 700 people all playing at the same time usually.  You can find me on there as either Gildain, Bartel, AliKazam, Martzipan, Gotterdamerung, IsaacGrimm, or Mallice ;-).  I am a good and honest player that helps those I can.  Just don't cross me, and we'll get along fine, otherwise, when you least expect it, ill come back to haunt you! Muhahahaha (ok, so its a hollow threat, but at least its a threat!)

Also, I play Diablo online from time to time, known as Ali-Kazam, Goldhammer, or Mallice, and DiabloII as Gildain, or Mallice thus far.

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