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** DYNO **
2004 PDX Import Motion Show
2006 October Open House Old Shop
2007 Toyota Fest 3
2008 Oregon City Shop
2008 PDX Import Motion Show
Enforcer Tacoma Kit Installation
MR2 BC 2008 Meet
Original MR2 Sales Brochures
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Image Galleries » ** DYNO **
«Dyno Ramp Test

Testing the design of the ramp and platoform secions for the Dyno. 10 total sections fabricated in house.

Bundy Miata Tuning
Cobra On Dyno
Dyno 1
Dyno Ramp Test
Dyno Setup 0
Dyno Setup 1
Dyno Setup 2
Dyno Setup 3
Dyno Setup 4
Unloading Dyno

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