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MR2 non-LSD Axle Machining to work in LSD trans
KORacing Products » Toyota MR2 MK2 » Clutch & Transaxle

The 90-92 MR2 open differential E153 transaxle's axle shafts will not work directly into the later limited slip differential unit. The options to solve this dilema on a car upgrading their transaxle is to either buy new axle stub shafts, or have the 90-92 stub shafts machined. KO Racing can perform this service for you and save you the expense of new or used stub shafts. Price is machining per axle, but does not include the axle itself. The customer must supply their inner axle stubs for modification.
    Shipping preparation:
  • Please clean off any excess grease from the axle stubs, or we will charge a cleaning fee ($20 minimum per axle).
  • Put the axle stubs in a sturdy box to prevent the axles from "breaking out" on the way here.
  • Put tape over both ends of the box -- packing tape really reinforces the cardboard well.
  • Include your return address in the box, with a phone number or email address.

*NOTE: Sending the whole axle to be machined will cost an extra $50 to disassemble and reassemble the axle per axle.

*FYI: Once machined, the inner stubs will work in the OEM non-LSD E153 as well as the E153 with LSD. This is also true for the original LSD inner stubs -- they will work in all E153 transmissions.

$72.00 each
Clean Axle?:
Disassemble Axle?:

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