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KORacing Products » *Services* » Chassis Dyno Testing and Tuning Dynojet 424xLC

April 1st 2022 prices are increasing for dyno rental to $145/hr.

Tune your own vehicle on our dyno, or break in your engine in a safe environment (where speeding is OK!). This is assuming all customer provided tuning effort and just using the equipment here. We have special funnel and pan for chaning oil while the car is still on the dyno if doing an engine initial break-in.

All customers required to have a vehicle in good working order before using the dyno and must sign waiver at time of testing. See pre-dyno tuning checklists here: Pre-Dyno tuning quick checklist or Pre-Dyno tuning detailed checklist

Dyno information:

    Dynojet 424xLC Chassis Dyno:
  • Inertia dyno measures HP and Torque via acceleration of a fixed mass roller.
  • Maximum axle weight 4000lbs
  • Maximum vehicle weight 10,000lbs
  • Maximum HP measurement 2000+ wheel horsepower
  • Maximum Torque measruement 2000+ ftlbs. wheel torque
  • Maximum speed 200mph
  • Maximum wheelbase forward in 2WD: 172" (reverse running or backing onto the dyno can accommodate longer wheel bases for 2WD)
  • Wheelbase range for AWD: 93-113"
  • AWD setup: 2 unlinked dyno rollers set at 101" center to center spacing unlinked and fixed position
  • inductive RPM pickup for spark-ignition engines
  • Wideband Air/Fuel ratio monitoring via tail pipe probe or installing sensor into bung in exhaust
  • Optical RPM pickup for diesel application testing
  • Set up for drive on and over in either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive or AWD
  • Ramp angle 5 degrees to accommodate extremely low vehicles
  • Eddy Brake load control on rear roller only for steady state load tuning

$145.00 per Hour

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