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Dyno Testing for Power with Air/Fuel ratio
KORacing Products » *Services* » Chassis Dyno Testing and Tuning Dynojet 424xLC
Stock MR2 Baseline
1995 MR2 Turbo plus KO Racing Parts
Turbo FWD VW testing

Simply doing a few pulls on the dyno (3-4 typically) to test for power and torque while monitoring Air to fuel raito. This is useful for baseline testing or follow up testing after changes have been made.

NOTE: price does not allow for any significant changes to be made between pulls. No parts installation at this price.

Dyno information:

    Dynojet 424xLC Chassis Dyno:
  • Inertia dyno measures HP and Torque via acceleration of a fixed mass roller.
  • Maximum axle weight 4000lbs
  • Maximum vehicle weight 10,000lbs
  • Maximum HP measurement 2000+ wheel horsepower
  • Maximum Torque measruement 2000+ ftlbs. wheel torque
  • Maximum speed 200mph
  • Maximum wheelbase forward in 2WD: 172" (reverse running or backing onto the dyno can accommodate longer wheel bases for 2WD)
  • Wheelbase range for AWD: 93-113"
  • AWD setup: 2 unlinked dyno rollers set at 101" center to center spacing unlinked and fixed position
  • inductive RPM pickup for spark-ignition engines
  • Wideband Air/Fuel ratio monitoring via tail pipe probe or installing sensor into bung in exhaust
  • Optical RPM pickup for diesel application testing
  • Set up for drive on and over in either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive or AWD
  • Ramp angle 5 degrees to accommodate extremely low vehicles
  • Eddy Brake load control on rear roller only for steady state load tuning

$80.00 for 3 pulls

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