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Replica AC Cobra with 98 Mustang 32V 4.6L
Radical SR3 Turbo w/ Custom HydraEMS
KO Racing built MR2 with HydraEMS
Bob Bundy Turbo Miata tuned with HydraEMS
KO Racing built MR2 with HydraEMS
John Mann Turbo Miata tuned with HydraEMS

Prices increasing to $200/hr on dyno, and $145/hr off dyno or remote tuning on April 1, 2022

Get the most out of your built vehicle by allowing KO Racing to custom tune your engine. Our careful and systematic approach to tuning will ensure a good long lasting tune with near to stock starting, idling, and transitions while unlocking the power capability of your build. From mildly built, to purpose built race vehicles, our expertise in tuning EFI systems will help you achieve your goals. If you have a carburetor equipped vehicle, we can help you with that as well with Holley carbs being our favorite. Remember, it doesn't matter how much it cost to build your engine, it can only be as good as the tuner tuning it!

Due to the massive variations in how different cars are set up, we no longer offer fixed price tuning. All tuning is based on actual time rounded up to the nearest half hour. We will work with you on more involved projects or projects that require experimentation in some way. Some people only want wide open throttle tuning, and will tackle the rest themselves, while others require extensive tweaking of the cold and warm startup and idle control strategies to have near OEM level reliability and quality of operation day to day on both petroleum based and ethanol based fuels. These require vastly different levels of effort as one might imagine.

Full or partial tuning available for the following stand alone EMS systems with estimated costs (This is just a sample list of EMS's we are familiar with, but not necessarily the only EMS systems we would be willing to work with). Prices listed are guess estimations only on typical effort required to perform necessary tuning and listed to provide the customer a realisted expectation of what they may spend on tuning.:

  • Hydra EMS ($500-1000)
  • Link G4+ ($500-1000) - 1 hour of tuning free with purchase of EMS
  • Link G4x ($500-1000) - 1 hour of tuning free with purchase of EMS
  • Vipec ($500-1000)
  • AEM V1/V2 ($500-1000)
  • Megasquirt ($500-1000)
  • Adaptronic EMS ($500-1000)
  • Holley Sniper/Terminator/Dominator ($500-1000)
  • HP Tuners for GM/Chyrsler Corp. products ($600-800)

    Full or partial tuning available for factory ECUs via HPTuners interface device (View HPTuners website for application list)

    While Kris Osheim is familiar with the above tuning systems, with over 15 years professional EFI tuning experience (one of the top tuners in the 3SGTE and MR2/Celica community), most any systems are possible to be tuned, and we are willing to give anything a try if it is a reasonable and capable EMS system. Please discuss your tuning needs with Kris if you have any questions (

    Rates will vary depending on the application and the system in use, but some of the more common cars we deal with:
    NOTE: pricing below is subject to change without notice. All Tuning is charged by the hour at a rate of $150/hr on Dyno, or $100/hr off dyno (street tuning, idle or cold start tuning off dyno, driveability off dyno)

  • MR2 Turbo/Celica Alltrac 3SGTE
  • MK3 or MK4 Supra
  • Mazda Miata NA and Turbo

  • General tuning on Dyno by the hour $150 per Hour
  • General tuning off dyno is $100/hr including remote tuning via email or TeamViewer

    Dyno information:

      Dynojet 424xLC AWD Chassis Dyno:
    • Inertia dyno measures HP and Torque via acceleration of the fixed mass rollers
    • Maximum axle weight 4500lbs per axle
    • Maximum vehicle weight 9,000lbs
    • Maximum HP measurement 2000+ wheel horsepower
    • Maximum Torque measurement 2000+ ftlbs. wheel torque
    • Maximum speed 200mph
    • Maximum wheelbase 176" 2WD, 90"-120" AWD (reverse running or backing the car onto the dyno can accommodate longer wheel bases for 2WD applications).
    • inductive RPM pickup for spark-ignition engines, or Roller speed calibration available for RPM in a single gear, as well as optical sensor for rpm on diesel or any engine where inductive pickups are problematic.
    • Wideband Air/Fuel ratio monitoring via tail pipe probe or installing sensor into bung in exhaust. Welding an extra bung into the exhaust pre-cat is recommended if catalytic converters are installed.
    • Optical RPM pickup for diesel application testing
    • Set up for drive on and over in either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive
    • Ramp angle 5 degrees and approximately 20' long to accommodate extremely low vehicles - we recommend removing splitters or rear diffusers just in case and to allow easier strapping of the vehicle.
    NOTE: This represents estimated cost to do a relatively comprehensive tune on a PnP EMS system for a single fuel -- race fuel tuning in addition to pump gas, or flex fuel tuning with E85 and pump gas will incur additional time and cost.

    NOTE: All vehicles need to have a wideband oxygen sensor installed and linked to the ECU to allow proper tuning if equipped with a stand alone EMS -- extra charges apply if this is not already set up.

    NOTE: Kris Osheim is available to travel and tune as well at a rate of $800/day plus airfare, room and board.

    NOTE: Dyno tuning rates start from either the time the car rolls onto the dyno, or the time the appointment was made for in the case of a late arrival. All dyno time will be rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour.

    Please review the pre-tuning/pre-dyno checklists prior to making an appointment Quick Checklist here, or Detailed Checklist here.

    $200.00 per Hour

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