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TRU Manual Boost Controller
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Twos'R'Us ball and spring Manual Boost Controller. This is probably the most reliable boost controller we have ever used. It looks like a hardware store item, but don't let it's looks fool you. KO Racing has tuned everything from stock MR2 turbos to 800+hp Supras using this boost controller! It just works. As with most manual boost controllers, normal operation usually yields a 1 psi drop from peak boost to redline.

1. loosen jam nut and back off the adjustment screw until it comes out of the controller -- note the number of threads you can see in the hole before the screw will contact the upper ball.
2. reinstall the adjustment screw counting the number of turns until you have inserted it the same number of turns you counted in the first step. This should mean the adjustment screw is just barely making contact with the upper ball
3. test the car in 3rd gear to ensure proper loading on the vehicle in a safe environment and obeying all traffic laws (rural highways work well, or on a chassis dyno).
4. the boost level should coincide with your minimum boost level until you tighten the adjustment screw enough to get the boost to raise up.
5. when the boost starts to rise above the minimum, only increase boost by turning 1/4 of a turn at a time and then finer as you approach your desired boost level. be sure to tighten the jam nut to secure the adjustment screw each time the boost is raised.

*TIP: mark the knob on the adjustment screw with a paint pen or scribed line to give a visual reference for the number of turns and orientation of the screw.

NOTE: what you do to your vehicle is your business and KO Racing can in no way be held liable for the use or misuse of this product and any consequential damage that may occur while using this product of the provided instructions.

NOTE: Boost controllers can only raise boost from the mechanically set minimum boost level. Whatever this minimum level is, you can typically raise the boost mechanically via a boost controller to roughly just more than double the minimum. For example: if your minimum is 10psi, you should be able to have controlled boost to about 22psi.

NOTE: Diable any factory boost control prior to installing this boost controller -- it is advised to only use one boost control device at a time. External wastegates need to only use the lower side port of the wastegate with this boost controller.

$50.00 each

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