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KO Racing Enforcer Turbo kit 2RZ/3RZ
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Dyno 1996 2WD Stock ecu/fuel with Kit bolted on 4.5psi

Note: This kit will only work with 1996 to 2004 Tacomas and 4Runners with 2RZ/3RZ -- no verified installations on a T100 yet

Tired of being passed in your 4 cylinder 4Runner/Tacoma 2wd or 4wd pickup by your supercharged V6 brethren? Not enough torque and horsepower to pull your aluminum fishing boat? Not wanting to break the bank with a turbo kit that has manifold cracking issues, or the TRD supercharger? KO Racing in cooperation with members of the Custom Tacoma community have developed a turbo kit to solve your problems.

Featuring made in USA turbos in a variety of configurations, top quality manufactured components by Garrett, Precision Turbo, and Tial Sport to name a few, these kits are top quality in every way. All fabrication of the kit is done in house at KO Racing to ensure the highest standards.

The kit includes:

  • T3 Flanged inlet turbines, T4 compressor turbos
  • 2.5" mandrel bent downpipe with 1.75" rerouted wastegate dump tube, and flanges for both factory Toyota O2 sensor and a wideband O2 sensor
  • Tial 38mm wastegate
  • Fully TIG welded 304SS, 0.150" wall thickness exhaust manifold with 1/2" thick steel flanges (nearly 3x the thickness of standard exhaust/header tubing)
  • 304SS Charge pipe with BOV mount, silicone hoses, and constant tension hose clamps
  • 304SS vane flow intake pipe with silicone hoses and stainless clamps
  • K&N or Vibrant intake filter
  • Silicone vacuum hose for BOV connection, and wastegate connection
  • Tube of Toyota sealer for resealing oil pan
  • AN steel braided lines and fittings
  • Steel return fitting for oil pan with the following options:
    • Steel weld bung only for the customer to have welded into their pan once removed from the vehicle
    • Purchase of a pan from KO Racing with the bung already welded in
  • Miscellaneous nuts, bolts, hose, clamps, zip ties, vacuum hose, etc. required to install the turbo kit

There are two main exit locations on the downpipes for these trucks -- please take a few minutes and a tape measure to determine which downpipe exit location you will need. You should measure straight back from the rear plane of the engine block (where the front of the transmission mates up) to the back edge of the flange on the original header pipe flange where it mates to the catalytic converter flange under the truck. Given the large differences between the locations, it should be easy to determine which location yours is. Feel free to Contact us with any questions. For engines swapped into an earlier chassis (not a 96-04 Tacoma or 96-04 4Runner), select one of the swap downpipe options.

NOTE: Use of a BOV vented to atmosphere may occasionally lead to engine stalling depending on how the vehicle is driven. This would typically occur when quickly closing the throttle after high rpm boosting (i.e. revving it out to redline under load, then letting off completely). This can be easily avoided by not allowing the rpm's to completely drop (tapping the throttle), but wanted the potential buyer to be aware of this when selecting their BOV. Contact us with any questions.

NOTE: The power specification is the approximate maximum power capability of the turbocharger, and not an estimate of the power you will produce by bolting this kit on. Supporting modifications and engine management should be utilized to properly tune engines exceeding the capacity of the stock computer's ability to control it.

NOTE: While every effort has been made to ensure that this kit can be installed without affecting the emissions systems on the truck, KO Racing does not guarantee the emissions legality of this kit. Install at your own risk.

Note: 4Runner and T100 truck options include an aftermarket replacement forward Catalytic converter

Note: These kits are made to order. Estimated 5 to 12 weeks for shipping.

NOTE: The use of heat wrap with this product will void any warranty against cracking.

$2600.00 per kit
Select Truck/Engne:
Select Turbo:
Select Bov::
Select Wastegate:
Select Wastegate/BOV color:
Select Hose Color:
Select Compressor Hsg Finish:
Select Turbine Hsg Finish:
Select Finish of Manifold/charge pipe/intake pipe:
Oil Pan Return Fitting Option:
Select Downpipe Exit Flange Style and center to center (C2C) spacing and location from back of block to flange (B2F):
Select EGR Option:
Add a flex section to the downpipe?:

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