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Toyota 3SGTE Valve Adjustment Shim
KORacing Products » Toyota Celica Alltrac » OEM Parts » Gen2 3SGTE

These are the factory adjustment shims for the 3SGTE engine for setting valve lash on a head that has had a valve grind done to it. In order to select the appropriate parts, you will need to install your camshafts on your current shims, and measure the clearances, and then the thickness of your current shim against the base-circle of the camshaft. The OEM specified range on these are as follows:
  • .1524mm - .254mm (.006" - .010")
  • .203mm - .305mm (.008" - .012")


  • Measured clearance between shim and camshaft base circle on intake side = .1016mm (.004")
  • Shim thickness = 2.950mm (.1161")
  • Clearance needs to be .0508mm (.002") to .1524mm (.006") greater to fall within the specification, so we need a thinner shim in this case
  • Order a 2.800mm (.1102") shim to get .2540mm of clearance -- at the edge of the range specified but acceptable
  • Order a 2.850mm (.1122") shim to get .2016mm of clerance -- this would be *ideal* as it is the center of range
  • Order a 2.900mm (.1141") shim to get .1516mm of clearanc -- this is just under the specified range so it should not be used.

$16.10 each
Select Shim Thickness:

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